Seattle is home.

I’ve been a real estate advisor since 2001, and have lived in Seattle since 1986. I call myself an “advisor” since my role is to advise, which may or may not entail closing a deal.  My primary goals are to help clients make prudent real estate decisions and/or  purchase a home and/or  sell a home.

I’m an avid biker, hiker, and explorer of this beautiful city. From the Olympics to the Cascades, the greater Seattle area has so much to offer in terms of housing, natural beauty, vibrant communities and recreation.

As a licensed realtor with  many neighborhood connections,  I can help  you find  a home or sell the one you currently live in or rent out. I can help you decide which neighborhoods you like best and whether you feel ready to buy.

To effectively achieve your purchase and sale goals, I often partner with  top-notch brokers Brent Reid, Larry Hsu or Lori Nixon to  ensure you get the quality service and maximum number of offers your home deserves.

There are many factors and “what ifs” that go into buying or selling a property. I started this site to help people see the rest of the process, understand the steps involved and implications of  any real estate transaction and to highlight all the wonderful things Seattle has to offer as one of the most beautiful places in the nation to call home.

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